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CEEK a Better Way…through CEEK University!

CEEK’s mission is to help organizations “redefine and pursue wellness.” We define organizational wellness as a healthy and engaged workforce serving a growing or otherwise successful organization. We believe that an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between an engaged workforce and a successful organization. And we contend that the only way to fast-track a team to a healthy culture and organizational wellness is through a deliberate, shared learning experience.

CEEK University offers a customized program of six to twelve months, guaranteed to promote, enhance, and sustain the wellness of your team or organization. Based upon a brief intake survey, we work with you to identify the primary challenges and objectives to enhance engagement, business results, and the overall wellness of your team. We then offer the flexibility to adapt and select from a recommended set of assessments, workshops, coaching, and culture support services. And we supplement these services with access to targeted online content and weekly reminders that offer continuing training and support at the moment of need.


CEEK Individual and Organizational Assessments

As a SurePeople Certified Affiliate Partner, CEEK leverages the PRISM platform and its Relationship and Team Advisor apps to help the team and each member identify and eliminate the root causes of conflict; improve communication and collaboration; and enhance productivity and effectiveness. We will build upon SurePeople’s individual and team assessments throughout the program while empowering participants to develop professional and personal goals within the platform. Through the SurePeople platform, CEEK will tailor and deliver content to support the specific goals that apply to each individual and team.

CEEK also offers a Team Wellness Assessment  and our Hypocrisy Index Survey as options at the onset of CEEK University to assess common tensions within teams and to measure the degree of consistency between professed and demonstrated values. If desired, we repeat this assessment at the conclusion of the program to assess progress made toward identified areas of need.


CEEK a Better Way® Training Workshops

Based upon the Intake Survey and Team Assessment findings, CEEK will recommend and CEEK University clients can select from a suite of CEEK a Better Way® workshops tailored to address the team’s focused areas of need. We offer these as in-person or virtual workshops in two or four hour durations on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis throughout the program. Each workshop engages participants in focused training coupled with hands-on activities. We issue challenge assignments between sessions to apply new skills that will enhance teamwork and deliver improved results. Some of our more common workshops include:

  • CEEK a Better Way…to Balance
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Change
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Communicate
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Disagree
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Engage
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Lead
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Succeed
  • CEEK a Better Way…to Understand


CEEK Coaching

CEEK offers a roster of International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches to work with your teams and individuals to further understand assessment findings, prepare development plans, pursue improvement opportunities, and enhance personal and professional development. While we recommend coaching sessions for all participants in CEEK University, we offer options on the number of participants and frequency of sessions to maximize impact with your organization’s budgetary constraints.

This includes group coaching in which participants can learn from shared experiences. Ideally, CEEK recommends at least one coaching session for all participants to debrief individual PRISM assessments. Individual and group coaching are encouraged between workshop sessions to further:

  • Identify and draw upon strengths
  • Uncover and expose blind spots
  • Promote results accountability
  • Improve decision-making
  • Facilitate effective collaboration
  • Maximize individual productivity


CEEK Intentional Culture Services

As a value-added option to CEEK University, CEEK will facilitate up to three team workshops to guide the team in the development of its own Intentional Culture Plan™. Via this offering, the team will define the values that differentiate the team in service to its clients and each other.

They will articulate the behaviors that serve as standards for the application of each value as well as those that do not – and must cease. And the team will design recurring rituals as operating norms that serve as a clear and measurable application of the collective values and behaviors. CEEK will deliver our signature Credo Card as a summary of the Intentional Culture Plan for all team members to carry with them.

Alternatively, clients of CEEK University may select a single half-day workshop in which CEEK will teach the team how to develop an Intentional Culture Plan on their own. In addition to the training, CEEK will provide activity sheets that guide the team through the development process. And CEEK will provide up to eight hours of related coaching support.


Other Content and Support

CEEK University offers a program of six to twelve months because we strive for dramatic improvement in team engagement, cohesion, productivity, and efficiency. We also understand and embrace best practice for adult learning and the level of sustained focus required to change habits and behaviors.

CEEK supplements our assessments, workshops, coaching, and culture services, with educational materials and messaging to reinforce concepts and lessons while promoting accountability for individual and team commitments. The following bullets summarize other content and services provided to all participants of CEEK University.​

  • Through the SurePeople Platform, all participants have access to thousands of online courses, articles, and video blogs categorized by 70 common organizational wellness practice areas.
  • CEEK delivers targeted weekly messages to all participants reinforcing content and challenges from the most recent CEEK a Better Way® workshop.
  • CEEK provides all participants a copy of our book Navigate Chaos as well as one or more books from thought leaders relative to the targeted focus areas for the team engaged.


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